PakFactory is a custom box packaging service that allows small to large businesses the chance to personalize their product’s unboxing experience. They strive to give their customer’s a full-spectrum experience, from consultation to delivery.

I was responsible for creating copy for the current website, ideating blog topics and executing them based on SEO keyword research, generating concepts, and composing copy for major social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

I also scheduled posts and managed their social channels, responding to customer questions and comments.

Blog Content Writing

The content written for the PakFactory blog consisted of knowledge-based content and customer stories. Click the following images below to view each respective article.

CUSTOMER STORY - Tideline Coffee: Coffee for the Ocean
KNOWLEDGE BASED - How to Reduce Packaging Costs and Save Time
KNOWLEDGE BASED - The Best Typeface for Custom Packaging
CUSTOMER STORY - Torch Sushi: Fiery Flavors for your Taste Buds
CUSTOMER STORY - Old State Farms: Pure Goodness
CUSTOMER STORY - Coca-Cola: The Taste of Celebration