Udemy is an online learning platform that allows its users to learn anything at an affordable price and on their own time schedule without worrying about monthly payments; making it a win-win for everyone.

OOH Prints


15 second videos that emphasize how everyone wins when you experience any type of learning during your own time.


This guerilla allows people to view “little learning moments” while they are idling, commuting, or being productive in another way. They connect to the digital screen via built-in Udemy wi-fi through their phone. They are able to control what parts/steps of the lesson they would like to view. After the video, they will be invited to attend a 24hr pop-up shop where they can meet a learning community, ask questions, and sign up.

Screen on Standby
Applied in gyms
Screen in Use
Wifi Sign-in and Course Selection

Social Media Interactions

Udemy will encourage people to share their achievements no matter how big or small using #ididthisudemy. Their content creators will also participate to engage with their current and potential students.